Michael Salerno is an Australian artist and filmmaker who lives and works in Paris. He also runs the small press Kiddiepunk, which releases limited edition zines and books. He also releases work under the name Aspen Michael Taylor.




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Selected Works

Oklahoma (video, 2006)*
God Land (film, 2009)*
Five Mornings (video, 2010)*
Experimental Light in the Death Cult (video, 2011)
Recollections of the Great War (video, 2011)
The Decline and Fall of Europe (video, 2011)
Middle of Nowhere (video, 2012)
Die Young (film, 2012)
Jordan (And That Was The Sea) (video, 2013)
Silence (film, 2013)
Pelléas et Mélisande (video, 2015)
Elri Paints Himself as a Tornado (film, 2015)
Childhood (video, 2015)
Noah's Sound Mirage (film, 2016)
Kiddiepunk Cartoons (8 episode film series, 2016)
Notre Mort (film, 2018)*

Sebastian #1 (zine, 2002)*
Sebastian #2 (zine, 2002)*
The Things That We Lost (zine, 2008)*
Everyone Here Is Dead (zine, 2009)*
Teenage Satanists in Oklahoma (zine, 2012)
Gord on Ramsay (zine, 2012)
Home (with Peter Sotos) (book, 2013)
Teenage Satanists in Oklahoma 2 (zine, 2014)
Teenage Satanists in Oklahoma 3 (zine, 2015)
Childhood (book, 2015)
Teenage Satanists in Oklahoma 4 (zine, 2016)
Teenage Satanists in Oklahoma 5 (zine, 2018)

Tennis (CS, 2008)*
Milk Teeth (CD-R + zine, 2009)*
Whale/Taylor (with Marcus Whale) (CD-R + zine/Digital, 2010)*
Middle of Nowhere - Deluxe Reverb Edition (Digital, 2013)*

* Released under the name Aspen Michael Taylor