Die Young

Film, 2012
Duration: 10 mins

Short film made in collaboration with the band Collarbones, for their 2012 record Die Young.

Watch the film on Vimeo

"Marcus Whale’s band Collarbones had made a new record called Die Young and he asked me to create the album artwork and make a music video. I thought it’d be a good idea to shoot this in Sweden, despite never having been there before, as it seemed like I’d find the mood I was looking for there, which I did. I like a landscape that’s exaggerated and the forests of Sweden are definitely that. Anyway, so this was shot in and around Stockholm — the exteriors in a forest and the interiors in the house of my friend, the artist Joakim Almroth. It was freezing and wet the day we shot, a bit of an adventure, but a lot of fun too. This film is kind of a promo for the album, I guess. I did a similar thing for Marcus’ solo album Inland Sea years later. I also made an hour long version of this film for some festival shows the band played."