Jordan (And That Was The Sea)

Video work, 2013
Duration: 5 mins

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"I was somewhere in Spain (I can’t remember where, exactly) staying at this huge hotel on the beach. It was August, so it was really hot. The next morning I woke up and when I looked out the window on what was, the day before, a beach view, I couldn’t see anything except white. Overnight the entire region had been engulfed by this super thick, white fog. I found out that once a year, just for a couple of days, this fog moves in. I have a life-long obsession with fog, smoke, weird weather conditions, etc. so I was in heaven. I went down on the beach and, because it was summer and families were on their holidays, they were still swimming and doing all the usual beach stuff, except you could barely see a couple of meters in front of you. For some reason, thankfully, I had my miniDV camera on me so I spent those days on the beach filming and taking photos. Marcus Whale performs the voiceover at the start and end."