Noah's Sound Mirage

Documentary film, 2016
Duration: 21 mins

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"Since I was eight years old, I have been recording what goes on outside my bedroom window. I have literally hundreds of hours of footage — skies, clouds, rain against the glass, trees blowing in the wind — captured on videotapes of various formats over the years and now residing inside cardboard boxes within closets. I guess this was where the idea for Noah’s Sound Mirage sprang from. The premise was to give a kid a video camera and ask him to shoot outside his bedroom window every day over the course of a year, and interview him before and after. I hadn’t seen Noah in several years, since we’d made a few films together (I cast him when he was four years old in my film The People Who Hate Life, then we made God Land when he was six, as well as a couple of other short things), but we reconnected and I wanted him to do it. This is another unreleased film. Why do I have so many unreleased or unfinished films? The truth is, I think of my films as friends. Best friends that I have an ongoing relationship with. So, I struggle with the idea of them being finished, because I need to be able to return to them, time and again, to check in with them and spend time inside their worlds. To me, this is the most important thing and really the reason why I make them in the first place."