Series of 194 photographs, 2006-07

"In many ways, this series kind of feels like ground zero to me. I had all these film ideas, but finding access to people to bring these ideas to life in a way that I really wanted was difficult. So, alongside a huge burst of emotion, this series was born and the kids in this series became my actors and it was a revelation. Somehow, all of these little threads I’d been developing over the years preceding just all fused together and erupted out of me. There are many, many works in this series (as is usual for me, only a small number of them ever found their way into any sort of public setting) and I made the bulk of them in some sort of blinded, feeling state over a couple of days. When I was done, I remember sitting on the kitchen floor surrounded by all these images and feeling… I don’t know what the word is… relieved? Satisfied? In any case, I felt like I’d done something important (on a personal level). I didn’t know it then, but it was the start of a body of work that I would spend many years continuing."