"I’d spent many years in my own private Oklahoma, but in 2013 when a particularly brutal EF5 tornado hit Oklahoma City, I impulsively jumped on a plane and headed to the 'real' place. The tornado, which was a mile wide, leveled entire neighborhoods, leaving behind what looked like a sprawling, endless garbage dump. It was kind of incomprehensible. To see all this destruction first hand and speak to survivors was a dream. Amongst all the trash, occasionally there’d be a house that was (barely) still standing. Venturing inside, it was like the house’s contents had been put in a blender, and you got a real sense of how violent these things are. I spent three years editing this footage and it changed form many, many times. In the end, I just decided to break it up into little segments or 'episodes' and put it up on the Kiddiepunk site, so that the footage wouldn’t simply add to the pile of unfinished or ongoing projects sitting on my hard drives."