Teenage Satanists in Oklahoma

Zines, 2012-2018
Published by Kiddiepunk

Issue 1: 24 pages, 2012
Issue 2: 24 pages, 2014
Issue 3: 28 pages, 2015
Issue 4: 32 pages, 2016
Issue 5: 24 pages, 2018

"I woke up one day and said, I’m going to make a zine today and it’s going to be called Teenage Satanists in Oklahoma and I’m going to release it tomorrow. It probably didn’t happen exactly that quickly — there must have been an extra day when I photocopied, collated and stapled in there somewhere — but pretty much. I just kind of thought it was funny, but people responded to it and it’s probably gotten more attention that anything else I’ve done. Weird… I made five issues, plus one smaller 'supplement' issue between 2012 and 2018. One of these days, I’ll probably compile them into a book."