Middle of Nowhere

Video work, 2012
Duration: 19 mins

Michael Salerno: video
Marcus Whale: audio

Watch the video on Vimeo

"Marcus asked me to collaborate with him on a piece for an exhibition in Sydney centered around pop music, and this is what we came up with. He created the sound and I made the images. The soundtrack is made up entirely of Hanson songs that he fucked with and my video has little snippets of home movies of the Hanson brothers that were in their Mmmbop video. I had a HUGE, long obsession with Hanson that is well documented, and this obsession fused in my imagination with another huge obsession — tornadoes. My two favorite things were from Oklahoma, so they became tied together in my head and it was a beautiful place to visit in my imagination. I imagined the Hanson brothers as children, before they were famous, playing little concerts at shopping malls and trying to 'make it,' while huge tornadoes were raging across the landscape, ripping everything apart. When I think about it now, it still feels like the most beautiful feeling. This idea has literally been the birthing ground of the biggest chunk of my work and has inspired literally hundreds of pieces — collages, photographs, films, sound works. I call it “Oklahoma”. Just thinking about it now, it clearly still has its fingers in me."