Five Mornings

Documentary film, 2010
Duration: 31 mins

Under the name Aspen Michael Taylor

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"I had recently moved to Paris and was living in an artist residency in the 10th arrondissement. My studio looked out onto a park — Jardin Villemin. I have been a window-gazer since childhood and I have recorded hundreds of hours of videos out my window — starting when I was eight years old and going all the way to the present — filming clouds, rain against the window, trees... mostly nothing, I guess. But anyway, at the time, there were a group of Afghan refugees that hung around and kinda lived in this park. There was such a strong mood at that time in my life. It was getting closer to my first proper experience of a European winter and I had just fled my former life in Melbourne and travelled to the other side of the world alone, so I was sensitized and raw. The images unfolding outside my window were so beautiful, so I said I would shoot whatever was happening for five consecutive mornings and make that into a film. I really love this film. It’s a window directly into how I was feeling at the time. Marcus Whale created the music for the film a year or more before I even started shooting. It was called 'Music for a film that doesn’t exist' or something along those lines."